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1) What's this and where does it come from?

Hi! And welcome to the GnomerMind Project Homepage...
     GnomerMind is a puzzle game for Gnome, loosely based on the classic MasterMind® game. I've always been fascinated by this game, and I've spent an heap of time playing the version (Logic®) implemented on some Nokia® cellular phones... So I told myself, why not to make it available also for PC's?

     I chose GNU/Linux and GTK+/Gnome because it's what I know best how to program for... Anyway, its GTK foundation should make it easy to modify to compile on different GTK-supporting platforms.

     Of course, as long as you have gnome-libs installed, you can play GM also in KDE, or any other window manager at your choice!

2) How do you mean it to be?

     Well, this project is meant to realize a really FUNNY game, first of all... In the ideas, it should be easy to play, graphically nice (also featuring theme support), highly configurable and not too heavy for the system. So, hopely it will be a good game... :)

3) Features

4) Requirements

     Actually, nothing too difficult to find... just

     And, of course, all the packages you need to get gnome-libs work. No actual GNOME is strictly required, only the libs...

5) Current version

     Latest version is 1.0.1; "only" a bugfix from 1.0: there was an indeed huge bug there, that showed up when attempting to change the color range dimension: the palette window didn't redraw properly. So, that's it... :)

6) Screenshots

     Here is the main screen, the palette window, the solution display and the preferences dialog, all with the Classic theme:


     Here with the Pingus theme:


     And this is Scribble:


     Finally, QMM:


     This is the chinese translation (thanks to Abel Cheung):


     And this is japanese (thanks to Akihito Komatsuzaki):


7) Brief history

0.4.x: 0.4, (0.4.1), 0.4.2, 0.4.9

     The first version of the game. Not configurable, as the game parameters were fixed to 4 tokens chosen among 6 colors, and 8 rounds... the original parameters of MasterMind. Original version had a couple of big bugs, and the graphics were very heavy; 0.4.9 was the prerelease for 0.5.0, and added configurability, and in 0.5.0 the program began to use GdkPixbuf instead of the more buggy ImLib...

     I've also had some trouble in getting the various publishing system to work... the first working RPM is for 0.5.0, I fear, and uploading problems made me drop version 0.4.1... Now all is OK!! =:)

0.5.x: 0.5.0, 0.5.8

     It's a more "mature" project, now... it's configurable, nice to see, faster and less buggy than the previous versions. It's been added the controls via keyboard, so now the gameplay is much more immediante... and funny! :) The "engine" behind it is changed from ImLib to GtkPixbuf, and this allows to manage the graphics in a more sophisticated and lighter for the system way... :) Also, are available the first translations in foreign languages, russian, french and swedish for now...

0.6.x: 0.6.0, 0.6.1

     This serie is totally dedicated to correct the bugs of 0.5.x, and to introduce the theme support. This requires some time, tough, 'cause it needs some things I'm... ahem... still learning to program! :)

0.7.x: 0.7.0, 0.7.8, 0.7.9

     Finally introduced the theme and sound support, in 0.7.0: this serie will be dedicated to fixing the issues in their gestion, and building new ones. In 0.7.8 has been introduced commandline parsing, to improve & complete; also added "save" features, and many gameplay improvements. Moreover, from 0.7.9 the game is really faster, thanx to the caching of the pixmaps in memory... an easy trick, but I simply never tought about it! :) We hope to include a tutorial very soon...

0.8.x: 0.8.0, 0.8.1, 0.8.2

     This will probably be the last serie devoted to the introduction of new features, since we are very near to the game final shape... in 0.8.0 the work of fixing on the 0.7 code is complete, and there's finally an help system, thanks to Marco; in 0.8.1 two new game parameters have been added, and the "polishing up" work has been futherly taken up. The 'external' work should be almost finished; I still have to improve some internal functions, and the following releases will be devoted to this.

0.9.x: 0.9.0, 0.9.1

     This will probably be the last serie using this theme format, and one of the last overall. Now the program *should* (who can say? ;) be in feature-freeze mode, and I'll release new versions only if new bugs, or new translations, will show up, or if I find any particularly brilliant optimization. In 0.9.0 only two new features have been added: the "direct selection" of the tokens via right click, and the possibility to use non-installed themes.

1.0preX: 1.0pre1 1.0pre2 1.0pre3

     Stable release approaching; some bugfixes and locales updates, mainly... A new little feature to place random tokens has been introduced in pre1, but it should be an isolated case. I can't think of anything new... and this is good! :) Chinese i18nization has been introduced in 1.0pre2, and japanese in 1.0pre3.

1.0[.X]: 1.0, 1.0.1

     And finally, the stable release! Since no bugs were reported in the last month, I guess it's now stable enough to be released. So, that's it. Thanks to all who believed in this, and gave their help - GM won't die here, of course, but I have it as I wanted, now... anyway, anyone who would like to contribute is more than welcome! Just write me... :))

8) Download

     You can download the latest source files from:

     And, for Debian packages (thanx to Tom Cato Amundsen):

     You can subscribe to the mailing list at:

9) Authors, contacts, greetings

     The original author is me, Germano Rizzo ("Mano"); you can write at The personal homepage is at, but it's quite outdated... for ANYTHING, feel more than free to write! :)

     Marco Cova joined the project, on 17th of February, 2001; contact him at

     Thanx also to the Sourceforge guys for their great work; and to (in chronological order)...

     ...for the precious collaboration!

10) A Dedication

     This work is dedicated to my girlfriend, Paola, who originally liked it... and, it seems, liked me! ;) *

Intro | Plans | Features | Requirements | Current version | Screenshots | History | Download | People | Dedication